We love Walkups! And Unconventional Spaces, of course.

The Alternative Real Estate People Somewhere in Joo Chiat

Welovewalkups.com was started about 14 years ago by 2 friends who discovered their common passion in walkup apartments. We both joined the real estate trade in early 2007. ( so between the 2 of us, we have a total of 28 years of experience as of 2021. Haha.)

A little more about how we started back then. After seeing different kinds of properties in Singapore, we discovered this unique category, walkups! We bought them, renovated them, stayed in them, sold them and bought more when we could. Along the way, we met so many like-minded people who liked them too, so we helped them to buy, rent, manage and sell when they wish to. And very likely, buy again. We are extremely thankful that we found this passion and have met so many who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us. Over time, we have seen changes in various neighbourhoods where these properties are, and have experienced people make them, their homes. The process of finding a space, doing it up and seeing the people, be it owners or tenants, fill them up and making their homes. ( so many times, our dwellers amaze us and fill the homes with their stories and life experiences ). And this passion and satisfaction is what keeps us going, we still get excited when we go for viewings!

So why walkups? They are properties that are understated, and often overlooked. But so often they offer so much potential, and they are situated in charming areas too. After seeing so many of them, in their original states and what we can do with such spaces, we realized we can create unusual homes, and provide a unique living experience for dwellers. And being able to tell a story of the history of each home and its neighbourhood makes it even more fun. We have transformed quite a lot of such spaces, and in the journey of pursuing this passion, it has transformed us too. Over the past decade, we have also moved on to shophouses and unusual condos too.

To date, we have transacted more than 530 of such properties. Some of them are listed on our website, but the list is not exhaustive. And we have done quite a lot of interiors too. ( it was a natural progression, as we started to do spatial planning, and what we wanted to create what we envisioned. )

A little bit more about WOWU. We incorporated Wowu Pte Ltd to allow us to expand our scope of work. These include real estate investments, interior design and small A&A projects collaborating with architects, and other designers.

So who are we?

Rachel Koh, co-founder. Enjoys good food, drinking not so much. Her hobbies include online shopping and changing her hair colour.

Sammi Chong, co- founder. Enjoys drinking wine. Her hobbies are reading and drawing, she does not enjoy online shopping.

Eunice, portfolio manager. She helps us with the spatial planning and management of our portfolio. She is interior architecture trained and still isn't great at mah-jong.

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P.s. Our real estate salepersons licenses are with Huttons Asia Pte Ltd.