SOLD! Unconventional and stylish apartment on Robin Road


This is a really cool place. On Robin Road.

Has a pool, BBQ pit, etc. Freehold. TOP 2000. 48 units. Nice, quiet area. Unique space.

What makes this different from the other apts?

With 250k-ish spent, ID work is Intriguing. Cleverly thought-out. Ingenious planning of space and lay-out. Exceptionally high ceiling @ 4.2m. This is unusual for an apt in a condo development. And because of this super high ceiling, it does wonders. You’d never imagine… You’d be WOW the moment you walk through the door.
Elements of surprise await you.

It has been converted into an amazing pad.
Screed walls and floors for the living and dining. Wood flooring for the rooms. A full wall of exposed bricks painted in white. Paired with dark-colored finishing.

Originally a 2-bedder + Study with lovely Patio space.

It is now a 1 bedroom with a connecting room as a walk-in wardrobe, which leads to not 1, but 2 good-sized study spaces/ rooms. There’s even a hidden hideaway maid’s room! It’s really for you to discover…

And you’d be surprised at how much storage this apt has. They are all hidden, of cos, behind closed doors.

If you’d like another bedroom, there are a few options to create one.
One would be to convert Walk-in wardrobe space and one study into a bedroom with a lofty feel. Could be done with minimal alterations.
The cleverly executed ID work gives you the flexibility of transforming a 1-bedder + 2 Study into a 2-bedder or 2 bedder + Study or even a 3-bedder if you decide that you have had enough of a bachelor or bachelorette pad.

You’d definitely love the apt! You’d never be able to find one as interesting and exciting as this one. In a condo development- no way!
Apt is bright and airy. It has a nice outdoor space where you can relax and chill and enjoy the serenity and greens.

You just have to see it to understand how impressive this is! You’d love everything about it!