LEASED! Charming single-storey house at Bukit Timah


Feels almost like a black-and-white house. One of the rare houses in Singapore which is not built-up like the many others. It may not be a modern house, in fact, it’s pretty much in its original condition, but it certainly has its charm. It has an old-school vibe to it. Sitting on 7200sf of land, nestled in the tranquil part of bukit timah, this detached single-storey property offers a large garden with an open verandah. Interior space takes up about 2000sf with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. No-frills and functional.

It’s all about the visual and dressing up. Envision the space with your furniture, it’d definitely make a difference.

Great space for a small family looking for a simple, cosy and beautiful home… Or for 4 good friends who are looking to share a cool house and enjoy communal space.

The owner will be more than happy to spruce up the house, which includes installing cool, black ceiling fans throughout, new curtains or roller blinds in neutral shade, black & white bamboo blinds for the verandah, new coat of paint for both interior and exterior – white, black and grey look, etc. Sounds good already?

Status: Taken