SOLD! Living in East Coast


It’s a rare space in our modern society… High-rise apt vs vintage walk-up.
A great property to own and a good one to start with, especially if you are buying your first.

Situated in an old low-rise building, this apt is a subtle fusion of old and new. The apt was designed in a minimalist fashion- conforming to “Simplicity is bliss”.

Spacious 2-bedder + Study room + Balcony @ 1080sf.

It has 2 bathrooms! which is a little unusual for walk-ups as we all know, most of them have only one and it’s always at the back of the apt.
White and grey are the predominant colors throughout, aesthetically contrasting the furniture which are of different texture like wood and fabric, paintworks and the union jacks, creating warmth and style. The pendant light fixtures over the hallway, and the open living and dining spaces create a subtle industrial feel whilst the black conduits break the monotony of the white walls and adding an edgier design to the dwelling.
The faux cabinet doors and solid light greyish countertop in the kitchen enhances the modern, industrial feel of the apt.
The large windows and composition of spaces serve as a perfect foundation for a comfortable, modern lifestye.
The bedroom has to be the cosiest spot in the whole apt! Well… it has to be! The balcony is nice to hang out at, with your friends or by your lonesome self, to watch the cars go by or people watch, if you must. The 2 bathrooms were done in different looks. One in cool black and the other in luxe white, for the contrast.
The original retro mosaic tiled floor was retained and interestingly epoxied for the current look and easy maintenance.

An interesting, contemporary habitable space in a great neighbourhood! You gotta love it!
If you are running your business from home, this makes it even more perfect!

However, if the current configuration/lay-out is not to your liking, it’s easy to recreate the space to suit your style.