LEASED! Stylish and modernistic apartment at Newton


Sexy, modernistic style.

Apt is in a nice, quiet neighborhood. Next to a park.
1250sf with a balcony, 2 bedrooms, ensuite bathroom and a smaller guest bathroom.

The open kitchen greets you as you walk up the stairs. There’d be a breakfast or bar counter. It’s gonna be really cool and somewhat interesting. Black with copper finish.

We removed the ceiling and exposed the roof rafters and red bricks.

For the room in front, it will be full glass with black frame. Full height fixed glass panels on both sides and French doors. This 2nd bedroom is of a good size. Could be a guest room, study or when you have a house party, could open up if there’s spill over or if it’s a large group of friends.

Black & white cement tiles for the powder room is the perfect choice.

The ensuite bathroom wall clad with marble tiles and floor laid with honey comb mosaic fitted with black rain shower and black tap on cement vanity top. Blacked-framed “chicken wire” glass separates the bathroom and bedroom.
Everyone would love this bathroom.

Minimalism reinvented.

Status: Taken