LEASED! Mid-century modern apartment on East Coast


A mid-century modern styled apt.
1300sf 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.

An aesthetic that’s chic with clean lines, characterised by its functional simplicity and plenty of livable space. It’s kinda organic.

Crisp, light, bright and airy.

The neutral color palette of white is used throughout the apt. The pared-down pastel-colored wood furniture pieces complement each other. They were hand-picked, fabricated and imported. The steel-framed windows are lovely. Some are original units which were refurnished and the rest were fabricated to create the uniform look. Simple & sleek.

The kitchen is of a good sized and fully equipped. With the expansive windows, it brings in lots of natural light. It makes the space so appealing.

I like how the outdoor and indoor spaces have a seamless connection. The flow somehow falls nicely into place. My favourite spot would be the balcony. It’s makes such a lovely breakfast nook.

The space is inviting and aesthetically pleasing.
I feel a sense of happiness each time I step in.

What is there not to love?

Status: Taken