SOLD! A beautiful apartment at Tiong Bahru


A Beautiful apt. In one of the hippest neighborhoods.

I love how the apt feels. It’s real. It’s unpretentious. It’s charming. For me, it’s love at first sight.

The apt is a heart-warmer. It’s light, bright and airy.
I was greeted by the lady who’s living there now. She’s warm and friendly, welcoming me into her home. She certainly is happy living there.

Walking in, there’s the 3-tier vintage chandelier, a lovely old world ornament, hanging in the entryway and a salvaged piece of old window grille installed on one side of the wall which is being used as a decorative piece cum accessories holder.

The original broken marble floor is in such excellent condition you wouldn’t believe they have been there since Day One. The vintagey steel-framed “pinhead” window panes and glass doors, with a mix of green and clear tint, look just amazing. They are not easy to come by and those who love a bit of history, a bit of nostalgia would love to have them. There’s no over-the-top renovation, just the owners' painstaking efforts to recondition and restore them. So much love.

The apt is in a casual setting. 1005sf of great space. A good-sized 3-bedroom apt with a lovely balcony. The 2 bedrooms out front adjoins the balcony. Though it overlooks the busy street, it’s surprisingly quiet from the front right through to the back of the apt.

The kitchen is spacious and functional. It’s simple and modern. The look goes well with the original old-school floor tiles. Don’t we just love them?!

The bathroom is retained in original position which consists of a separate shower room and powder room. Neat.

I left the apt, impressed.