Designed & Built by Wowu


Showcasing a project we worked on for Q1 of 2020.

Creating a calm haven for a family of 5 with large format tiles in dove grey, we also customized a soft moody blue to evoke serenity, a sanctuary to call home.

It’s worth thinking about how you will use your home in the day-to-day and what you want out of it. When we started doing up our house we chose the kitchen as the main focus of our spending and efforts. Having had a small galley kitchen in my previous apartment, I was keen to have a flexible open-plan space where we could cook and entertain. Somewhere that could become the hub of the home.

plenty of accent lights to help set the scene with a softer, more diffused light. use lamps to create focal points on side tables, sideboards and shelves – it will help draw your eye around the space to these cosy, inviting corners.

Iconic wall lamp to illuminate dark corners, add a bit of calming ambiance with softer lighting,

LEDs – bright, focused light with a warm and inviting colour in a multitude of shapes and designs.

A black statement kitchen counter for the heart of a home, a place that feeds our body and soul. LED strip light is added to accent the kitchen, a simple and elegant to define the space while making a unique night light.

There are few more basic joys than clicking on a lighted makeup mirror when you’re getting ready in the morning—except for maybe coffee. Sure, you can do your makeup just fine under the fluorescent lights in your bathroom or using the selfie camera of your phone, but why would you want to? Not to mention, having a back-up mirror all to yourself comes in incredibly handy on days when you’re scrambling to get to work but your partner or roommate calls first dibs on the bathroom.