SOLD! For SALE - Stunning two bedroom walk up at Cambridge Estate


A lightwell sits boldly in the center of this home, introducing a deluge of natural light and air. Borrowing a mixture of Santorini colours and age-old features of shop house architecture, the re-furbished air well perches ideally in front of an open-plan kitchen. The deep blue glazed subway tiles on the kitchen backsplash is enhanced by the generous amount of light pulled from the glass panel where the air well is positioned. A meticulously designed island stands in the middle. It’s the heart of the home and, at times, where the life of the party is. The kitchen floor is adorned with beautiful, intricate, blue and white tiles which extend past the brightly-lit walkway to one of the two spacious bedrooms this apartment holds.

Both bedrooms stretch across the the entire length of this apartment which accentuates the studio-like space in each room. You can have your own private lounge area or reading nook in the room to dial up the coziness. The minimal built-ins in these rooms have a great potential to showcase your own style. Each room also has its own attached bathroom.

Approx 1140 square feet of cool space!

Tenanted until June 2025
For sale with tenancy
Asking $1.8m