On HOLD! For LEASE - An old-world charm in Joo Chiat


A newly renovated space in the vibrant neighborhood of Joo Chiat. This 1100sf apartment epitomizes thoughtful interior design with a blend of vintage and modern elements, offering a delightful living experience. Cosy yet spacious, it’s designed to maximize comfort and functionality. The apartment boasts three bedrooms. There’s ample space if there’s a need to set up a home office.

The highlight of this apartment is the tastefully converted air-well. It opens up the space and smartly utilizes the otherwise untapped spot. The exposed brick wall and beautiful concrete ventilation blocks, add a fun and quirky element to the space. Natural light floods through this area, creating an inviting atmosphere in the living room. It has transformed into a stunning feature, which sets this home apart. The spacious and functional kitchen has a playful taupe backsplash, adding character and charm. This light-filled kitchen is perfect for cooking culinary delights and hosting intimate gatherings. The bathroom’s fresh, modern look complements the apartment’s overall aesthetic, blending old-world charm with contemporary design elements seamlessly.

Asking $5700
Available from March 2024